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Plaudits is a private social network for your company that makes it easy to give continuous real-time recognition, feedback and align performance goals.

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Performance appraisal is outdated

In today's hyper-connected world, we are used to a constant flow of information. By comparison, traditional performance appraisal processes are slow and cumbersome. Imagine conditioning children this way, praising or reprimanding them after many months delay. That would never work!

Plaudits decentralises appraisal and makes it constant, effortless, and almost addictive.

Can you afford to pay ineffective bonuses?

Money is just a threshold motivator, it encourages the minimum effort to access the reward. Worse still, research shows that bonus incentives can crush creativity, diminish problem solving ability and reduce productivity on non-mechanical tasks.

Plaudits encourages intrinsic motivation and creates visibility around self-direction and achievement.

The cost of getting it wrong

Formal appraisal processes tend to be as enjoyable as a toothache and as productive as a train wreck. Nobody enjoys them, not the giver or receiver.

The costs of a faulty corporate appraisal program can be severe. Engagement, trust, respect, morale and staff retention can all suffer due to poorly designed or executed programs. The bottom line is also impacted.

Good corporate culture is everyone's responsibility

Working in a team with low morale is stressful and deflating. However, employee engagement and motivation can't depend on the boss alone to hold it up.

Plaudits improves corporate culture by encouraging self-direction, mindfulness and gratitude. It is an easy way to say “thanks”, “well done” or to ask “how am I doing this week?”. It all starts with a simple moment of recognition.

Success is a habit

Our mental capacities are limited. Over time we lose touch with acquired skills and knowledge. The only way to beat this decay is to create persistent productive habits.

Elite performers are not born smarter, faster or more creative; they just have winning habits. Behaviour is driven by the beliefs and attitudes that are easily available to our mind. Habits are just behaviours repeated.

Benefits for Bosses

Unlock talent hiding dormant in your team. Boost engagement and productivity by offering meaningful challenges to your staff, possibly as stepping stones to a promotion or pay rise. Or use Plaudits to deliver and measure training and development outcomes.

Benefits for Workers

Receive frequent and meaningful performance feedback. Create high-performance habits and make faster progress in your organisation. And if you think your boss could improve something, why not issue them with a cheeky challenge?

Cheaper, faster, easier!

Traditional appraisal processes are costly. Various studies estimate the annual cost to be around $2,500 per employee. That doesn't include the flow-on costs of poorly designed and executed programs. Plaudits is cheaper, faster and easier by many orders of magnitude. It also delivers superior results.

  • In a nutshell

    • For Bosses
      • 1
        Boost your corporate culture, reduce your appraisal costs and negate office politics.
      • 2
        Give your employees an improved sense of direction and progress. Identify strengths and learning needs to cultivate talented staff.
      • 3
        Reward and recognise your best staff, and create visibility around their strengths. Encourage your staff to follow skilled and visible mentors.
      • 4
        A daily reminder of how good your team is!
    • Workers
      • 1
        Set your own goals, track your progress and issue challenges to your work colleagues.
      • 2
        Build a portfolio of your achievements and a record of your strengths, making it easier to update your resume or apply for promotion.
      • 3
        Create high-performance habits, increase your autonomy and help your colleagues to do the same.
      • 4
        A daily reminder of just how good you are!
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